Green Policy for Police and Crime Commissioner Elections:

Key Points

Statement of Principle:

The climate emergency affects us all.  All organisations, private, voluntary, and public, must play their part in tackling it.  We must accept that all Police activity has an impact on the environment.  We all need to commit to environmental sustainability being a core part of all business activity for Police services.

My aim would be to have a “World class police service delivered within the financial, environmental, and social resources available to it”.

This will not be achieved overnight. But it is something that we must all be committed to bringing about.

Key objectives.

  • Recognise that all police activity has an impact on the environment. We should measure the carbon footprint of the police and have KPI’s (Key performance Indicators) to ensure we reduce it over time.
  • That targets for the reduction of the negative impact on climate and the environment should be set and monitored.
  • That there is a commitment to achieving environmental sustainability and that this is seen as core part of business activity.
  • To seek to ally our objectives and commitments to other public sector organisations in our police area. e.g. Green City Charters.  Becoming an ‘Anchor’ organisation to maximise local community wealth.  (About Anchor Institutions).

Specific Aims.

  • Energy use reduction within the police estate.
  • Green and efficient energy consumption within the police estate and a commitment for the elimination of gas consumption.
  • Green energy production within its estate. e. Solar power, heat pumps.
  • Maximise environmental travel options. Both ‘operational’ and ‘business’ travel.  Starting with an audit.
  • Promote and encourage staff travelling to work by environmental desirable means.
  • Enable home working wherever possible.
  • Maximise recycling and minimise waste. Including water. Work with Southern Water on their 100 Campaign.
  • Ensuring procurement with integrity. (Both for the environment, and as a part of the fight for worldwide social justice and our battle against modern day slavery).

Key strategies.

  • Complying with the Climate Change Act 2008 and COP26.
  • Sustainable development planning.
  • A carbon management plan.
  • Risk assessment of activity and planning regarding climate change.
  • Waste management and recycling policies and plans. Including the elimination of single use plastic.
  • Staff training and awareness.
  • Financial incentives to staff for green travel to work. Active travel has multiple benefits including increased health for individuals and the environment.
  • A deep search down supply chains to ensure all products purchased are ethically and environmentally produced, without exploitation or the use of modern slavery.
  • A vehicle replacement strategy.
  • Assessment, monitoring, and a reduction in the use of water.
  • Key initiatives designed to promote green travel by all the community. e.  A higher commitment to the safety of public transport. Promotion of the safety of cyclists. Tackling bicycle theft/crime.  More police journeys and patrols on bikes (which better embeds officers into their communities).
  • Fully acknowledging the cost of all types of environmental crime and placing a high priority on tackling this. This includes fly-tipping where joint initiatives with other stakeholders will be important to any success.


Tony in a Portsmouth Park
Tony in a Portsmouth Park

Strategies for delivery.

  • Expert review of current position with costed recommendations of achievement of plans, targets, and goals.
  • A sustainability officer, with sufficient status, to be identified/appointed within the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner or Chief Constable’s team.
  • ‘Environmental champions’ on all main sites.
  • A commitment to championing and fully committing to the Social Value Act 2012. Buying and commissioning locally wherever possible to invest in our community and reduce supply miles.
  • Building on, and developing, key partnerships in the fight against environmental crime. e. with: Local Authorities, farmers, landowners, the NFU, Unions and staff associations, HIOW Wildlife Trust, Wessex Rivers Trust, and similar.


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