I believe that meeting and listening to the public is an important part of the Police and Crime Commisioners role.
I believe that meeting and listening to the public is an important part of the Police and Crime Commisioners role.

Fair, accountable, and responsive policing for all people in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

My priorities will be:-

  • A Police Force committed to the needs of victims.
  • A Police Force that works with, and is trusted by our communities.
  • A Police Force that employs proven crime reduction and prevention strategies.
  • A Police Force who’s dealings with all members of the public are as positive and professional as they can be.
  • A Police Force committed to fairness and equality.
  • A Police Force that values and protects its staff, and is as safe and rewarding as it can be to work in.
  • An ethical service, in both its dealings with suppliers and contractors, and its commitment to limiting its environmental impact.
Committed to the Needs of Victims.

All our citizens have a right to feel safe, wherever they live. All too often this is not now the case and many of our communities, from inner city estates to the smallest villages, face challenges and problems with crime and anti-social behaviour.

The Police Force is rarely able to solve these problems on its own. It must work with the public, and other agencies to tackle and resolve them. I would be committed to the police forging better partnerships to facilitate safer and more resilient communities.

Working with our Communities.

Our Police Forces have a proud tradition of being an important part of our communities, working closely with people and community leaders.

Ten years of Police cuts and the privatisation of support services has eroded this link and greatly damaged the ability of our Police Force to help people to feel safe.

I am deeply conscious that we need to reverse this.   Our Police Force must again become more embedded in our communities, working in partnership with local people.   We know that that is the best way to tackle the problems we now face.

Using Proven Crime Reducing Strategies.

I am acutely aware of the impact crime has on people’s lives and I am very focussed on reducing the number of victims of crime.

That is why I am so committed to tackling crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour using proven methods based on real world experience and research.  We particularly need new approaches to tackle drug crime and its associated violence.   We have been losing the fight against crime for some 60 years and this is exacting a terrible cost on our communities and particularly our young people.    We need to learn from other countries who have employed effective multi-agency,\public health type approaches to reduce levels of violence, including knife crime, and the demand for drugs.

It is only by reducing the demand for drugs that we can effectively tackle these problems in the longer term.

A Positive and Professional Police Service.

I believe it is vital that the public view the Police in a positive light, and feel that they are on their side, working for them and their community.  And that the Police will respond when people need them to.  Particularly, when they have been the victims of crime.

As a part of this I believe that Police officers should be seen to be maintaining the highest professional standards in their dealings with the public.

Committed to Fairness and Equality.

Our Police must be seen to work for all of us, regardless of race, religion, disability, gender, sexuality, or social background.

In particular, we must significantly improve the experience BAME and LBGT+ communities, and of women who have been the victim of a violent or sexual crime, so that they feel effectively supported and so offenders can be held to account.

A Police Force that Values and Protects its Staff.

Under Tory reforms, police salaries and conditions have been eroded, services outsourced, and support staff numbers greatly reduced.

This has undermined moral and we are losing experienced officers a s a result.  As PCC it would be a priority to try and reverse this, giving our frontline police the support and backing they need to carry out their work effectively.

An Ethical Police Service.

It is vital that our Police Force must play its part in tackling the climate emergency.   A detailed action plan should be developed as to how this can be achieved in the most effective and efficient way following a comprehensive review.

The Challenges we Face

Cuts to police numbers,

Our Police Force has been put under tremendous and growing pressure over the last ten years following extensive cuts by the Conservative Party Police stations have closed, services have been outsourced, and police staff numbers and salaries cut significantly as a result.

Although there is some growth in police numbers, and a 'Tory promise' of more to come, this will not replace all the officers that have been lost. Nor will it address the loss of huge numbers of support staff including valuable PCSOs.

We all know how many police stations have been closed and how hard it is to get a response to a crime

Increased demand on Police Services

On top of these cuts, the complexity and scope of police work has increased and demand has gone up as a result. The police are now required to tackle new challenges like cybercrime, increased terrorist threats, and an increased response to vulnerable people.

Cuts and Privatisation of Other Services

At the same time, deep cuts to numerous other services, compounded by the disastrous privatisation of agencies like the Probation and Prison Services, has greatly added to the workload and undermined crime reduction and public protection

This has caused them to become the first responders for other agencies on top of their own work.

These include:

Mental Health Services.
Youth and Community work.
Our education services, especially special education and education for challenging and excluded children.
Our health promotion and health support services, particularly with working with drug and alcohol users.

Hard decisions based on priorities will still need to be made for a number of years.

Particular Challenges

In some areas there are particular challenges. Our fight against drugs, associated violence, and organised crime is rightly a very high priority. However, we are not winning it, and have not been winning it for 60 years.

We cannot expect to win it with our current approach without a huge uplift in resources. Ultimately, it is only by reducing the demand for drugs that we can reduce the problem and the risks to our communities.

We need to learn from other countries and be willing to trial new multi-agency public health type approaches to reduce drug use if we are to tackle violent and organised crime and to protect our citizens, particularly our young people.

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